January’s IPA 12/60! “Maximize Your Profit & Productivity While Keeping Your Priorities Intact”

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Wednesday January 27, 2:00 pm Eastern/11:00 a.m. Pacific

As practitioners and service providers, we sometimes get lost in the urgent, without ever attending to the important.  As we start this New Year, let’s resolve to stop the cycle of putting out fires instead of growing intentionally and meaningful (for ourselves AND our clients!).  This month’s program will show you how to:

  • Discover how to determine your primary and secondary motives in your practice.
  • Develop a strategy for knowing what to work on first then next based on those motives.

PR TechTalk: Key Infrastructure Tools and How We’re Using Them

Tips and tools from Michelle Olson, APR, general manager of Fingerpaint, and Aly Saxe, CEO of IRIS PR Software

A recording of this teleseminar is available here.

A proprietary tool just for us

In the November 12/60 Teleseminar we learned about a propriety tool built specifically for the public relations practitioner.

IRIS PR Software, a software as a service (SaaS) platform developed by company CEO Aly Saxe, which among other things solves the problem of disjointed record keeping and tracking of media outreach. While working as an agency founder, Aly and her team managed activities in spreadsheets and emails, and found it challenging to measure efforts made on behalf of their clients. Thus the birth of the product.

December 9th Indie 12/60 Teleseminar (10:00 am Pacific): Who you gonna call? The Indie Help Desk!!!

When you have a computer problem, who do you call? The Help Desk! And, when you have a problem with your business? This month, you can call the “Indie Help Desk.”

We realized that no matter how long you’ve been in business, we will always have more to learn. And since sharing issues is a great way to get new methods of solving them, the December 12/60 Teleseminar is dedicated to helping you with those issues that may be plaguing your business: problem clients, billing and collection issues, work/life balance, health care and retirement, you name it! The collective brain trust assembled on our call will be there to offer their best practices and suggestions for your questions. If we don’t have the answer, odds are someone will be able to recommend someone who does. IPA chair-elect J.W. Arnold, a solo practitioner for 16 years, will moderate this unique opportunity to share your best tricks of the trade with other IPA colleagues.  Use this link to register today!

NOW ON DEMAND: Part 2: Letting Go in Order to Grow: Growing Your Business by Outsourcing

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Bob Schiers, Founder & President, RAS Associates, LLC

Michelle Olson, APR, General Manager, Fingerpaint

Documents Shared by our Panelists (on the IPA website):

  • Code of Conduct_USPR (Bob Schiers)
  • Freelance Agreement (From Michelle)

Last month we held Part 1 of the Letting Grow In Order To Grow series which focused on growing your agency into a practice with employees. This month we focused on outsourcing or using subcontractors.  I urge you to listen to the whole program, but I’ll give you a few highlights here.

The benefits of outsourcing:  time savings for you, growth opportunity for your business:

November IPA 12/60 Program: PR TechTalk: Key infrastructure tools and how we’re using them

Wednesday, November 18, 2015, 10:00 am Pacific; 1:00 pm Eastern

Piggybacking on PRSA’s editorial theme in ComPRehension blog this month, New Technologies (best tech for PR Pros,) we thought we’d have a panel discussion on a relatively new tool among PR infrastructure tools, Iris PR Software.  It can be described as a  CRM tool (customer relationship management) for the PR community, which is a super cool and important idea.  This session will help you understand why.

We also invited Michelle Olson to return to talk in greater depth about the key tools she mentioned last month in our “growing your business” panel, and also because in her presentation we learned that she is an Iris user!